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The Myth of History

Ask most people in this country to free associate with “Fourth of July” and they’ll probably respond with stuff like fireworks, bar-b-que, parades, and overly-militaristic displays.

Because, as expressed by the great philosopher David Letterman, Independence Day “is the time of year when Americans indulge in their two favorite pastimes: drinkin’ and blowin’ stuff up.”

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Photo Post – President Heads

Another Presidential Lineup

For the past ten years, we in this area have heard stories and seen photos of a collection of huge concrete presidential busts sitting in a field near Williamsburg. Unfortunately, this Virginia oddity is usually not open to the public, locked away on private land.

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A Little Travel Advice

View From On High

Summer is here and, by all reports, millions of people will be taking big trips in the next two months after several years of pandemic restrictions. I will not be joining them, mostly because I’m not a fan of summer travel, as explained in a previous post.

However, I am already planning some fall trips and one or two for next year. More to say about that in future posts.

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Learning to Tell Better Stories, Better

Thanks to Television

We are about half way through the limited series from The Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attach on the Capitol.1 They seem to be getting big audiences, both watching live or streaming the episodes, despite that rather verbose title.

There’s a good reason why people are talking about these proceedings as if it was an offering from Netflix or another of the too-many streaming services: it’s all about the story telling.

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