I’ve never seen much use for celebrating the start of a new year on this particular day, for reasons you can read in these posts if you would like. However, this year I’m making an exception. Considering the amount of personal and professional … [Continue reading]

Holiday Mix 2013

Welcome to my annual very short list of seasonal music that I can actually listen to more than once (as opposed to the all-purpose holiday crap playing most places). I’ll leave it to you to find any semi-psychological patterns in the … [Continue reading]

Black Friday

Something to think about today when/if you consume what passes for news reporting in the US. Any media outlet that talks about Black Friday as an actually important phenomenon is either ignorant or working hard to please their advertisers. Retailers … [Continue reading]

Imagine That


To celebrate their first anniversary, a graphics design firm posted a very nice… I guess you might call it an online mini book, called A Guide to Making Things. Nice, simple advice combined with wonderful, simple graphics, animation and design. Go … [Continue reading]

Not Transferable

From the book A Year Without Pants: and the Future of Work by Scott Berkun: A great fallacy born from the failure to study culture is the assumption that you can take a practice from one culture and jam it into another and expect … [Continue reading]

Election Day

Today is election day in Virginia and, unlike most places in the country, we have some major positions to fill: Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, and some members of the state legislature. Even after all the political crap I’ve seen … [Continue reading]