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Congratulations, The Law Says You’re Highly Qualified

The overly large school district for which I work must be doing something right. Ninety-seven percent of our teachers are “highly qualified”. But we still have some work to do since 100% of the teachers in one of the counties to our west fall into that category. That “highly qualified” label comes from the “often […]

Supporting Highly Qualified Teachers

One largely-overlooked part of the No Child Left Behind law is the requirement that every student have a "highly qualified" teacher by 2006. While the definition of "highly qualified" has fifty-one different definitions since Congress abandoned responsibility for setting this standard to each state, nothing in the law talks about the support those teachers should […]

The Art of Being Highly Qualified

I’ve ranted many times in this space about the fact that the standards for being "highly qualified" under No Child Left Behind are are not high; they’re minimal at best. A writer in the Detroit News has some very eloquent points to make on the art of teaching and what it takes to be a […]

One More Step To Highly Qualified

A psychologist speaking at the Education Leadership Conference says that one of the qualities every teacher needs is charisma. Beyond just imparting knowledge, teachers have to add sparkle so students absorb and retain information, said Zimbardo. Any teacher can cultivate charisma, Zimbardo added, arguing that, "It’s a perfectable skill. It’s not something people are born […]

Highly Qualified… Or Not

Last week, as part of Ws Department of Education’s report on teacher quality, Wisconsin was declared to have almost 99% of their teachers rated "highly qualified" (as noted in a previous rant). However, this finding came as a surprise to school administrators in the state. It seems different bureaucracies have different ideas of what it […]

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