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Where Did The Hype Go?

In a recent post, long-time education writer and edtech critic Larry Cuban asks “Whatever Happened to Interactive Whiteboards?”. Good question, although if you look in most classrooms in this area, they’re still hanging on the wall. They aren’t necessarily being used, but at the price schools paid for those things, devices like IWBs don’t get […]

Two Perspectives On The Decade in Tech

Although we could have another millennial-class argument about the timing, most people have decided we started a new decade on January 1. Which means we also get lots of retrospectives on the previous ten years. I guess that’s better than trying to make historic sense of only the past twelve months. In one of the […]

Maybe Aim A Little Higher Than 1

This week begins a new year for students here in our overly-large school district.1 And for the first time, all high school students will be given a laptop to use in an initiative being called FCPSOn. But, beyond the basics like how much money is being spent,2 it’s not at all clear how this project […]

What is “Ed” Tech?

For one teacher, edtech included a Roomba. It turns out the disc-shaped vacuum cleaner, which uses sensors to autonomously zip around homes is also a great tool to teach students about robotics and empathy. Yung’s students learned all about how the Roomba moves, behaves and how it works. Then they set off to dream up […]

One Chance to Get it Right

In an earlier post, I offered my impressions of a New York Times article about teachers who are acting as “brand ambassadors” for edtech companies, sometimes for real compensation. Many of the people in my Twitter feed offered far more critical and pointed comments about this practice. And the edtech industry in general. The Times […]

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