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EduBloggerCon Reflections

I’m having some mixed feelings about the “unconference” yesterday. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a bad way to spend the day. I got the chance to reconnect in real space with people who I mostly know from their online personality. And I always enjoy meeting and hearing from lots of voices that are new […]

EduBloggerCon – More Thoughts

The discussions and events of yesterday continue to roll around in my head, especially as I’ve been reading the impressions from many other folks that have been popping up in my RSS stream. I’m sorry I missed the the morning session Future Schools led by David Warlick. Mark at Educational Technology and Life has a […]

EduBloggerCon – Global Connections

One of my goals at this NECC is to find some ideas to contribute to the Global Awareness and Technology project that will be required of our 5th and 8th graders. We need to start by expanding the thinking of both the teachers and the curriculum specialists guiding the project beyond the usual research-the-country, create-the-slide-show […]

EduBloggerCon – First Reflection

Today has been an amazing one, being able to spend all day in face-to-face conversations with many of the people I’ve read and learned from for years. Occasionally I’ve had online discussions with some of them through comments and extensions of each others posts but it’s been a unique pleasure to actually talk in person. […]

EduBloggerCon – Expanding the Circle

Since I’m not good at live blogging, these are main ideas based on my notes (and thoughts) from the first discussion I sat in on at the EduBloggerCon this morning. The theme was “expanding the circle” and we focused on how we can bring other educators to use web 2.0 tools, both for their instruction […]

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