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It Won’t Just Go Away

Come September, the COVID-19 virus is likely to still be a public health problem, which, as I discussed in an earlier post, will make opening school for the new year a challenge. According to Wired, at least one K12 district in Ohio believes they can address some virus-related issues using surveillance technology to continually track […]

Information For The Taking

Many times in this space I’ve ranted about various plans to use RFID (radio frequency identification) to tag human beings as well as inanimate objects. That includes new passport documents from our State Department, which they promise are secure since our information can only be read at close range by the devices used by their […]

Scanning For Your Identity

In their attempts to create absolutely secure ID cards for us to carry, the US government may actually be opening people up to even more identity theft. RFID (radio frequency identification) tags containing personal information are part of the new PASSCards, “mini passports” being issued for non-airline travel to places like Canada. Some states are […]

Tagging Is Illegal in California

A few years ago, parents in California were upset when their children were required to wear badges with RFID chips that tracked their movements. When you get a new passport from the US and other countries, it now comes with a similar chip containing your personal information, data that some people claim is far too […]

A New Concept of Tagging

A few years back I ranted about a school in Buffalo that was using wireless tags worn by students to keep track of their location. A Seattle company is taking that concept into Orwellian territory by actually embedding the tags in a couple of their employees. CityWatcher.com, a provider of surveillance equipment, attracted little notice […]

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