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An Open Letter to the Smithsonian

A few days ago I renewed my membership in the Friends of the Smithsonian, much later than I have in past years. To be honest, I was seriously considering not continuing my support of your organization. I know my annual contribution is relatively small compared to the big bucks you get from many individuals and […]

Photo Post – The FUTURES

This spring, the Smithsonian is presenting a special exhibit in their Arts and Industries building (the second oldest in the institution, opened in 1881) all about the future. Or rather FUTURES.

Photo Post – Pandemic Winter

Because of the ongoing feeling of pandemic languishing combined with regular winter blahs, I haven’t been up for doing any photography projects in the past few months. But I have managed to make a few interesting images during my occasional walks through some of the many museums we are fortunate to have in DC.

Photo Post – Pandemic Summer

A few times this summer I cautiously emerged from quarantine to do some longer photowalks. When the Smithsonian National Zoo reopened in August, we spent a morning wandering and taking pictures. Recently we spent some time with the birds, turtles, frogs, and other creatures at Huntley Meadows, a local marshland park with a name out […]

Why “Digital” Learning Day?

Tomorrow is Digital Learning Day. The one day of the year that we celebrate “digital” learning. Differentiated, I guess, from the other 365 days1 of “non-digital” learning? But what exactly are we “celebrating” on that day? According to the official website (or at least the site using that name with an .ORG domain), the explanation […]

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