Criminalizing Photography

For anyone who carries a camera (and in the US that’s probably most people), a short interview with the general counsel for the National Press Photographers Association.

While the discussion is largely about people who make a living from their pictures and his examples revolve around confrontations with police, much of this advice applies to all photographers, regardless of the size of the camera or the reason they want to take pictures.

It boils down to, “If you’re out in public, you can take pictures.”

Read the whole thing and stand up for your rights.

What I Did on my Summer Vacation

Sorta off topic for this space (although maybe it shouldn’t be), a couple of weeks ago we spent a little more than a week on the Amalfi Coast of Italy, an amazingly beautiful part of the world.

As has been the case with most of the foreign travel in my adult life, I was part of the pack of family and friends tagging along with a choir in which the musical wife was singing, as they performed in various venues around the area.  Traveling with an organized tour has it’s advantages and downsides (I didn’t get nearly as much independent time as in previous trips) but it was still a lot of fun.

For those who like to follow along at home, many of the annotated pictures are in my flickr photostream. More will be added as I have time to process them. For now, here’s one of my favorites, an incredible view from the small arts colony of Ravello looking across the Mediterranean towards Salerno. We stayed in Maiori, that little town on the coast to the left.

On Stage

My new SLR also records video, something not even possible with the eight year old model it replaced, so I experimented a little. One of the better results is on my Vimeo page.

Thanks for indulging my vacation slides. :-)

A Picture a Day

Sunrise over the Potomac River, day 1 of 2012.

New Year Sunrise

In past years I’ve seen people make a commitment to post a new picture every day for a year (some stayed with it, some dropped out) and I’ve thought about trying that myself. So, 2012 is my year and this image is day one.

Of course, one reason for this project is to improve my photography skills (I have several friends who totally outclass me in this department so getting even slightly better will be a personal achievement), but I also need to be reminded that I’m carrying at least one of three cameras at all times, so why not use them?

Having made the jump, here’s a small weasel. I’ll be posting a new image daily but it may not be one taken that day. And most of them will not appear in a post like this one, only in my Flickr photostream (if you want to check up on me).

Anyway, we’ll see how long this lasts and whether anything actually improves in the picture department.

500 People in 100 Seconds

I’m not entirely sure of the purpose for this video, but I’ve watched it several times today and it’s almost hypnotic.

This could be an interesting concept to give students for a project, especially if they incorporate a story into either the pictures or the people holding them.

Thanks to David for the link.