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Magic Time

Considering all the other problems President Obama and the new Congress will face, dumping daylight savings time is pretty minor.

However, it still needs to be done.

Eliminating daylight time would thus accord with President-elect Barack Obama’s stated goals of conserving resources, saving money, promoting energy security and reducing climate change. At the very least, we should abandon the notion that we are saving energy while enjoying the extra hour of sunlight on hot summer evenings.

Any energy “savings” derived from changing the clock on an arbitrary date each year is an illusion at best.

It’s a concept that needs to disappear.


  1. Jenny

    I thought I was alone on this! I’m thrilled to hear others say exactly what I have been thinking for quite some time.

  2. Doug Johnson

    I hate daylight savings time too. And it’s been upsetting the cows here in Minnesota for years.


  3. Dave

    Your title is perfect, it is “magic”.

    As an adult, I know DST is a waste of time — changing clocks, programming computers, etc etc.

    As a kid, the entire concept was magical. Time changes by an hour?! If I stay up till 2am, I get an extra hour to watch TV and play video games?! Sign me up! There was even an episode of Pete and Pete where the brothers eat as much high-riboflavin cereal as possible because they believe that riboflavin allows you to time travel during the time change.

    I know we can’t keep DST, but it sure feels like a lot of my magical experiences of growing up in the 90’s are getting deprecated.

  4. ~Tim

    It does seem rather silly that we are on standard for less than half the year.

    But won’t we be putting all those people who reset clocks out of work?

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