Video Editing Tutorials


Videography for Educators

This exhibit in the Apple Learning Interchange features a large collection of tips and techniques for creating a video starting with the planning process. Although the site assumes you are using iMovie or Final Cut (both Apple products), the concepts and ideas for planning, equipment and editing apply no matter what computer you’re using.

A Short Course in Digital Video

Another great tutorial from


Apple’s iMovie Tutorial

The focus is on the most current version of the software (iMovie HD 6), but most of the information here will apply to one or two versions back. Appropriately, the lessons are done in a series of ten videos that clearly explain the basics of creating your movie.

iMovie HD Tutorial

An excellent guide to every phase of editing your movie from the University of Texas School of Information. The guide also has sections on exporting the video to DVD using iDVD. The authors also offer the whole thing in a 24-page pdf document.


A few years ago, this monthly magazine published an excellent four part tutorial on using iMovie, plus a later article about putting your movie into different media. Although these articles were written using iMovie 2, the basic concepts are the same. However, you will find some buttons and menu items in different locations if you have a newer version.

iMovie Lesson One: Importing Video and Sound
iMovie Lesson Two: Adventures in Editing
iMovie Lesson Three: Editing Music and Sound
iMovie Lesson Four: Using Audio and Video Transitions
Wrap Up Your iMovie: How to Share Your Movies on the Web, CD-ROM, or Videotape

The Unofficial iMovie FAQ

A huge and excellent collection of information and tips for using iMovie along with a page detailing the bugs in the program with suggestions for working around them.


MovieMaker Home Page

This section on the Microsoft web site offers tutorial, troubleshooting tips and video ideas for their free (part of Windows XP Service Pack 2) video editing software.

MovieMaker 2 Tutorial

The University of Texas School of Information, which produced the excellent iMovie tutorial mentioned above, also offers this guide to using Microsoft’s free MovieMaker 2. The whole thing is also available in a printable pdf document.