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Bad Commentary

Freedom of Blabber

Returning to the topic of reporting on COVID-19, coverage in The Washington Post has been actually pretty good over the past eight months. Not perfect (leaning too much on the political angle), but certainly a whole lot better than the information provided by television.

One area in which they have fallen short is in writing about the impact of the pandemic on education. Their reporters jump all over a story when the conflict is pretty easy to explain, but rarely go deeper into how the crisis could affect kids, families, teachers, and the community.

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Blah, Blah, Blah… AP

I wish I understood why The Washington Post continues to provide print space for Jay Mathews.

Mathews was a long-time education reporter for The Washington Post and is now a weekly columnist. But then as now, his focus is extremely narrow. Most of his writing involves cheerleading for the Advanced Placement program1 and making excuses for charter schools.

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