You would have to work very hard to miss all the ads for the finales this month of all the so-called "reality" shows. I just hope no one with any intellegence actually believes the people and situations in these shows are real. The producers of Joe Survivor Bachelor Idol sit down and plan the characters they want to create the conflict they’re looking for and then cast people to fit those roles. And then they edit all the film down to exactly the program they have in mind. The whole thing is scripted as much as any episode of Gilmore Girls but even more boring.

I guess you can tell I don’t like "reality" shows (the only way I knew that Survivor had started again was when Letterman was forced to interview the losers). What I want from TV, or a movie for that matter, is for someone to tell me a good story, to take me someplace that isn’t real life. I want to escape from real life for a while. That doesn’t mean I don’t like documentary stories (I can watch Michael Moore‘s work anytime) but that comes under the heading of learning rather than entertainment. Different concept.