Video Will Not Fix Education

Hank Green, co-creator and host of the wonderful YouTube learning channel Crash Course, appreciates the people who claim their videos could be used to “fix” education. But he says, it’s not going to happen: “This is not a simple problem and we have to stop seeing it that way.”

The whole post is a wonderful rebuttal to those seeking educational shortcuts, but for me, the core idea is right here.

Personalized education? OK, maybe. But don’t tell me you want your kids brought up in a classroom without teachers. What do you think is the more important output of the education system, students who can solve math problems or students who work together effectively and speak intelligently? No one is going to disrupt teachers away. Teaching is probably the most difficult of all current jobs for an AI to manage. If you don’t believe that, then you have never truly taught.

Kids, and adults, can certainly learn stuff from watching videos of the type Green produces (and I have). But those topics exist in isolation. And connecting them into something actually useful is a far more difficult process. One that requires teachers.

Because the best, most lasting learning happens in relationships between people, not screens.

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