Blogging has been light around here as we work to wrap up the school year and I try to clean up stuff so I can leave town for a few days. Not exactly for a vacation, however. Next week I’ll be off to Philadelphia to attend the National Educational Computing Conference. The trip will be lots of fun, but not necessarily a holiday. More on that later.

Elsewhere on the web there is some great education-related writing on display. Start at the Advocate Weekly hosted by Joe at Shut Up and Teach. One of his links is to a new-to-me blog called Folkbum (which now appears on the list to the left). Jay, the proprietor of that site, recently posted an excellent four-part series on the movement to create small schools, focused on the effort in his area of Milwaukee.

Another great collection of blogging on educational topics is on display at the weekly Carnival of Education, hosted this week by Jenny D. Just one small quibble over her summary of my small contribution. I don’t want kids to move more into theoretical math. I want them studying the applications of math. Big difference.

In addition to Folkbum, two other new education bloggers have been added to my regular reading list. NYC Educator is written by, as you might suspect, a teacher in New York City who works with English as a second language (ESL) students (big job!).

The second is School of Blog by two people who work for "education-related nonprofits", also in New York. They plan to comment on such diverse topics as charter schools, bilingual education, and other topics related to teaching and learning. They also intend to be "sticking it to the man" – and anyone quoting Jack Black has my attention.