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Talking to Alexa: Skill of the Future?

When some shiny new technology starts getting lots of hype, you can bet that articles on using it in school will quickly follow. That’s certainly true of those rapidly multiplying voice-activated artificially-intelligent devices. The title of a recent article in Education Week asks if interacting with these devices is a “skill of the future”, or just a bad […]

Alexa at ISTE

The ISTE mega conference ended it’s run for this year yesterday and, although I wasn’t able to go this year, I know from experience one of the first questions attendees will get when they get back to work: “What’s new?” Or “what was hot?” One attendee that actually gets paid to hype the new and […]

More About Alexa and Its AI Siblings

Following up on my previous rant about Alexa in the classroom, two good, related articles from Wired on the subject of artificial intelligence that are worth your time to read. In one the writer highlights sections of reports to regulators from both Alphabet (Google’s parent) and Microsoft that warn of possible “risk factors” in future […]

Hey, Alexa! What Are You Doing In The Classroom?

It’s very hard to escape all the hype around those voice-activated, quasi-AI powered personalities: Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Google’s Assistant.1 And, of course, some people bring up the idea of using them in the classroom. A couple of weeks ago, I sat in on an ISTE webinar2 by a professor of education who was going […]

Hey, Alexa. Explain Your Algorithms.

Lately I seem to reading a lot about artificial intelligence. Between all the self-driving car projects and many, many predictions about robots coming for our jobs (and our children), the topic is rather hard to avoid. The topic is interesting but also somewhat scary since we’re talking about creating machines that attempt to replicate, and […]

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