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Another Challenge to the Index

Jay Mathews should be happy with this report. It shows that the number of students taking AP tests is way up, almost 25% in the past four years. Just ignore the fact that the “the proportion of tests receiving what is deemed a passing score has dipped, and the mean score is down for the […]

More Challenges to the Index

I’m not sure any more criticism of Jay Mathews’ Challenge Index is really necessary but this article in today’s New York Times is too good to ignore. Here is just one example cited by the writer for why this ranking is “meaningless,” “ridiculous,” “illegitimate” and “journalistic Barnum & Bailey”. (I love that last one!) For […]

Challenged Index

Someone else doesn’t think much of Jay Mathews’ Challenge Index. An organization called Education Sector has released a report calling the Index a “seriously flawed measure of overall quality”. The Index is Mathews’ ranking of American high schools based solely on a ratio of the number AP and IB tests taken by students to the […]

A Very Simplistic Challenge

In this morning’s paper, the Washington Post wasted valuable space in the Metro section on Jay Mathew’s annual promotion of the fraud known as his “challenge” index. If you’re not familiar with this artificial ranking of school quality, take a look at some of my regular rants on the subject. His premise in the column […]

But Don’t Blame The Index

Ok, I know I said I would quit my largely fruitless ranting about Post education columnist Jay Mathews’ “challenge” index but there’s too much irony in his latest defense of the list to let it pass. In his blog Mathews responds to an email received from a local parent who is concerned about his child attending […]

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