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EdTech Corporate Conferences

Reminders this week that ISTE is not the only – or even the largest – over-stuffed, vendor-centric, edtech conference in the world. Over in London, the BETT UK Show (formerly the British Educational Training and Technology Show) is wrapping up their four-day run. In the past they’ve attracted more than 30,000 attendees but it’s hard […]

Conference Check In

It is very much too early on a Monday morning. I’m currently at our state edtech conference and, as part of the team running this show, I don’t get much time to write about, much less reflect on, what’s happening here in real time. So, just a few quick observations before the day kicks into […]

Testing Live Conferences

Last summer I posted some rambling thoughts in this space on the future of in-person edtech conferences. Asking questions like: after nearly two years of remote professional development activities, will educators want to return to face-to-face meetings involving hundreds of participants in a confined space? Will they and their schools want to spend the money […]

The Future of EdTech Conferences

Back when I was still working for the overly-large school district, I routinely attended several edtech conferences every year. That included the one produced by our state organization VSTE1, usually the huge ISTE event, and always EduCon. But those three were the very small tip of a very large iceberg. If I had an unlimited […]

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