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Saving Nothing

Have I mentioned how much I hate Daylight Saving Time?1 I’m taking a break from Twitter, so this will be a tweet-sized rant on the topic. Feel free to ignore it. Since humans invented “time”, humans can do stupid things with that concept. But don’t call it “saving”. Nothing is being “saved”. Especially light. You’re just […]

The Saving Is An Illusion

Please excuse me while I rant. Part of my crankiness this morning is due to the abrupt shift forward of the clock, a misguided and arrogant attempt by our lawmakers to “save” time. Time, of course, is a very human invention. Daylight Saving Time is a very stupid, human invention. It’s time to dump it. I’ve […]

Savings? Not So Much

Remember all the recent noise about changing the start of daylight saving time to an earlier date? The Congress critters who sponsored the legislation (which also ends the stupidity a few weeks later than “normal”) claimed we would see all kinds of energy savings. It seems they were wrong. And apparently they were also pretty […]

Time to Stop Playing With Time

Daylight Saving Time is a pretty stupid idea, although I wouldn’t go to the way over-the-top level of this writer who calls the system “America’s greatest shame” and “the greatest continuing fraud ever perpetuated on American people”.* Still, once you get past the hyperbole of the headline and opening paragraph, he does provide plenty of evidence […]

Our Biannual Stupidity

Daylight Saving Time is one of the dumbest ideas ever created by man. But that’s just my opinion. Here’s what a scientist with expertise in the matter has to say. Whether or not DST saves energy [it doesn’t] is the least of the reasons why it’s a bad idea. Much more important are the health […]

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