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Some Thoughts for a New Year

Although I’ve always thought September 1 would make a much better New Year’s Day, western society has decided today will be that largely artificial dividing line. So, here we are in the year designated as 2018. So, how will today and the ones that follow be different from the 365 that came before? Unless you […]

Happy New Year

In the spirt of Doug Johnson’s regular Blast from the Past feature, this post has been dredged up from my first year of writing this blog. The thoughts still seem appropriate, with a couple of update notes. We celebrate New Year’s Day on the wrong day! The term “New Year” implies the beginning of something […]

Calvin on Change in the New Year

The eternally wise and funny Bill Watterson speaking through his pint sized cartoon creation on the subject of change: I hate change! It’s too disruptive! When things are different, you have to think about the change and deal with it! I like things to stay the same so I can take everything for granted! Besides, things […]

Happy New Year…

…although many of us who work on an academic calendar view this as more of a half-way point than a beginning of anything, a topic on which I’ve ranted more than enough over the years. Despite my strange way of looking at the calendar, many people in the Western world still celebrate this transition by […]

Happy New Year

Is it Labor Day already? That means kids will be returning to their classrooms tomorrow here in the overly-large school district and a new year begins. The date is something of a surprise since the past five weeks have been one big blur for me. August is normally a very busy month for us as […]

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