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A Familiar Echo

Evidently, American schools aren’t the only ones feeling the effects of an all-testing-all-the-time curriculum.

From new study of English schools…

A narrowing of the curriculum has led to a decrease in the quality of English primary schooling, says a report.

Their report found “some” improvements in standards achieved by many pupils in primary schools.

However, it found “a decrease in the overall quality of primary education experienced by pupils because of the narrowing of the curriculum and the intensity of test preparation”.

This amounted to a curriculum dominated by literacy and numeracy.

It also suggests the range of teaching methods employed is “probably even narrower now than hitherto”.

As you might expect, “The government does not accept that our children are over-tested.”

No Child Left Behind, UK-style.

(Side note: I still love the fact that the acronym for one of the British teachers’ unions is NUT (National Union of Teachers). Did no one parse that when they were choosing names?)

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  1. Jenny

    Is NUT any worse than SOL?

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