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A New, Improved Earth

Google let loose with Earth version 4.3 today and overall the application seems to load a little faster and feels even smoother than before.

The most noticeable change is the redesigned navigation tools which now have a classier look and also take up less room in the interface.

Another something new is a button that adds a daylight/dark layer to the globe with a slider to move time across the map. Very cool.

In this edition the coders have also added the Street View feature from their web-based maps which allows you to see street-level photographs from major cities.

With the layer turned on, you’ll see a camera icon on cities that have this feature. We’re still waiting for the DC pictures to be added.

I haven’t had time to peek into all the corners of the new edition but I’m sure the Google folks have some hidden gems in there. They always do.

And since I’ll be doing another Earth workshop later in the month, I guess I’d better start digging.


  1. John Hendron

    I don’t care for the new tilt control; otherwise, it’s quite a bit more Snappyâ„¢ on my computer at home.

  2. Tim

    I haven’t decided what I think about the new controls. I’ll have to wait until I see how the non-techies respond to it.

  3. Patricia Donaghy

    Hi Tim
    Have just got used to the old version. Oh well, am sure the new additions will make the change worthwhile!
    PS: you might be interested in adding your blog details to the International Edubloggers Directory at http://edubloggerdir.blogspot.com

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