Today’s Washington Post has a profile of Robert Byrd, the entrenched Senator from West Virginia, and some of the things he says in the article show a remarkable amount of honesty for a politician. Most politicians are self-serving weasels but I have to agree with Byrd’s statements on Bush’s tax farce:

“It’s a tax cut for the wealthy — and look what it’s doing to our deficits. We ought to be spending it on education, on health, on infrastructure. Instead we’re shoveling piles of money at the wealthy.”

and the war to liberate Cheney’s filling station:

“The Bush team’s extensive hype of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq as a justification for a preemptive invasion has become more than embarrassing. It has raised serious questions about prevarication and the reckless use of power. Were our troops needlessly put at risk? Were countless Iraqi civilians killed and maimed when war was not really necessary? Was the American public deliberately misled? Was the world?”