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A Real Athlete

I’m not much of a sports fan, especially these days when much of the sports news deals with professional athletes being arrested or receiving ridiculous amounts of money for just showing up. It doesn’t help that the major teams we have in the Washington area are uniformly mediocre despite being fed piles of cash.

But Lance Armstrong being in contention for his fifth Tour de France championship is a sports story that I find not only interesting but inspirational. I can’t even imagine the physical and mental condition that you have to be in just to complete this little bicycle trip much less win it five times. Armstrong’s athletic skills when added to his equally inspirational personal life makes him a role model that beats all the NBA players accused of rape, baseball players who indulge in assault and battery, and most any overpaid NFL player (Darrell Green being a big exception).

You can keep the Super Bowl, NBA Championship, World Series (World = US and Canada) and especially any NASCAR race. This 2000 mile trip, ending July 27th is a far more interesting and exciting sports event.

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  1. caitlin

    a real athelete is someone who is bent over dripping in sweat and at the point of exhastion when no one is looking but still continues to play there game because it’s no one else’s.

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