A couple of weeks ago I blogged an item about a school in Washington State that was turning down $43,000 worth of donated computers because they were Macs – the district has decreed they only do PCs (cheaper, easier to maintain, and all that other crap). Now the school board has come up with an alternative that is just as good. Boeing Aircraft will give the school 30 "surplus" PCs and the district will pay $3000 for the printers that would have come with the original grant.

Let’s see if I understand this… the school district still wants to turn down 30 brand new Macintosh computers and substitute 30 well used PCs. If history and the facts are any indicator, the Macs will probably provide five to six years of largely trouble free service and will work right out of the box. The donated PC’s may last another two years and at least a third will probably need some work before they run properly.

Sounds like a deal to me! Can a school board be sued for stupidity?