That’s the only reason I can think of for a school to refuse $43,000 worth of new computers. Of course the stated reason is that "we only buy PCs" and this grant is for 30 Macs with 6 laser printers. The IT people in the system, who of course have gone through indoctrination at MS, claim that supporting PCs is cheaper despite lots of evidence to the contrary.

This is just another example of school systems (including the short sighted one I work for) turning the decision for instructional tools over to the tech support folks who never go near the classroom. We in education preach all the time about using different approaches for different purposes but it seems that concept doesn’t apply when the big monopoly is involved.

One last thing – Apple is still the only major computer company to have an actual division dedicated to supporting K12 education. Take a look at the Apple Learning Interchange sometime and show me teachers resources of that quality on Dell’s, HP’s or Microsoft’s sites. You won’t because these companies see schools as just another business, evidenced by the fact that their "education" sections are either part of their "business solutions" or "government solutions" unit.