I almost never read the sports section – and this is an excellent justification. In an incredible mess of illogic, a columnist in the Post tries to lend support to a guy who believes athletic achievement is evidence for "intelligent" design.

She begins with this unfiltered crap:

First, let’s get rid of the idea that ID (intelligent design) is a form of sly creationism. It isn’t. ID is unfairly confused with the movement to teach creationism in public schools. The most serious ID proponents are complexity theorists, legitimate scientists among them, who believe that strict Darwinism and especially neo-Darwinism (the notion that all of our qualities are the product of random mutation) is inadequate to explain the high level of organization at work in the world.

And then continues down the sewer with a profile of a professor at the UCLA School of Medicine who insists that the kind of focus exhibited by NASCAR drivers and other athletes cannot be explained by mere biology. Instead, according to this guy, they must be "making a connection with something deep within nature itself, which lends itself to deepening our intelligence".

For incoherence that tops any locker room interview with an NFL lineman.

But the real stupidity here is how the writer, who clearly knows nothing about science (what exactly is "strict Darwinism"?), tries to craft logical arguments to support the concept. She writes about how Darwin "admitted he didn’t know everything about everything" and Kepler believed in astrology as if science has been standing still for two centuries.

This is an incredibly painful article to read but the fact that this pseudo-scientific bologna has migrated to the sports pages is even worse.