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Since the beginning of the pandemic, as the realization sunk in that this was going to be a major disruption to normal life in this country, I’ve been reading articles, essays, and posts about how life will change when we come out the other side. Since many of the people I follow are educators, much of that speculation has been related to schooling in K12 and after graduation.

My first reaction was that I doubt much about schooling in this country will change in two, three, or even five years. Too many people, especially those in charge, are anxious to return to “normal”, or at least to regain the illusion of normal.

However, the longer the crisis continues – and I don’t believe we are anywhere near the end – the more the systemic problems in our education system will become clear. To the point that it becomes impossible to continue ignoring them under the guise of “normal”.

I hope that revelation happens sooner rather than later, so we can get past the denial and begin making the major systemic change that will be required.

And if my Twitter-sized musings aren’t persuasive, maybe you’ll accept the wisdom of that great philosopher Michael Nesmith (post Monkees).

And in the final analysis
It’s foolish if you resist
The changes that come into your everyday life
There might be some trepidation
But don’t let hesitation
Deprive you of hope and try to replace it with fear
Just roll with the flow
Wherever it goes
Even if it rolls outta here