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A Wish For The End of the Year

Politicians like to use teachers as talking points (sometimes punching bags) in their campaign stump speech.

Your local legislature probably can’t find enough money to come up with a raise that really qualifies as “cost of living” (2% ain’t it).

And at more than a few parents of your students think you’re incompetent for not giving little Johnny an A instead of a C+, or something else.

But one columnist for the Post thinks you at least deserve something.

We don’t really thank teachers enough, do we? And yet I can’t think of people more vital to our future. You might be sitting in the Pentagon right now, directing some aspect of the global war on terrorism. You might be in an operating room, performing liposuction. You might be dribbling a basketball in the NBA Finals. You might be doing something really, really important, but I have news for you: What you’re doing isn’t as important — as sacred, as noble — as teaching a child.

Or as hard. Can you imagine standing in front of 25 or 30 kids all day, every day? And not just standing in front of them, but teaching them, molding their malleable little brains. You’d have to pay me to do that. (But evidently not too much. Shouldn’t teachers earn as much as, say, newspaper columnists?)

Wouldn’t it be nice if many more people viewed teaching the same way, as something very important to American society?

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  1. Ms Cornelius

    It would be nice if some of the people in government felt that way, if I was going to pick one area of society.

  2. kelly

    Wait – we don’t earn as much as newspaper columnists?! Dude, it’s time to get a new job! (Especially for those of us who teach AND manage to write about it almost every day!)

  3. Tim

    I know any number of edubloggers who would make better columnists for the Post than the ones they have. And I’m pretty sure they all make more than most teachers. However, the drawback is that you would have to swim in the cesspool that is the political world of Washington DC.

    It seems that the Post also has a deal with some of the talking heads networks that require their columnists to be part of their shows. For me, that’s a deal breaker. :-)

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