Cory Doctorow of Boing Boing (and many other activities) has written an excellent 3-minute Guide to the Broadcast Flag, which explains exactly why this plan – written by the big media companies for their pet Congressmen to pass – should not be allowed to be given the force of law.

The Broadcast Flag says that if you want to build a device that can receive, pass along, or record a digital TV signal, you’ll need to show that it won’t disrupt the current entertainment company business. That’s a test that the remote control, the VCR, the capture card, and the PVR [personal video recorder] all would have failed.

In short, the Broadcast Flag is about the movie studios demanding unprecedented veto power over digital technology because they believe they can see into the future and have the right to knee-cap technological innovation, free competition, and consumer rights in order to prop up aging business models. They are wrong.

There’s more. If you’re at all interesting in maintaining the fair use rights you now enjoy under current copyright law, read what he has to say and pass it along to others.

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