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Advocating Ignorance (Cont.)

A few days ago I ranted about a story from Wired magazine detailing the efforts to push the farce called Intelligent Design into the science curriculum. The article is now available online. Read it!

Read it especially if you live in Kansas where the ID folks are again shoveling their crap in advance of the seating of a new state Board of Education. When they meet in January, the Board will consider a new set of standards for teaching science in Kansas and advocates of the "theory" of Intelligent Design will be fighting hard to turn the clock back to 1804.

“The problem is that evolution is really a theory in crisis,” Calvert said “What worries Jack and what worries the scientific community is that students may be shown both sides of the evolution controversy.”

No, the problem is that these idiots want to set ID up as a competing theory of equal weight to that of evolution. The problem is that they have no scientific evidence and no credible support in the scientific community. They want people to believe that scientists are in disagreement about the concept. The really big problem is that they want teachers to present "both sides" of the "controversy" when there aren’t two sides.

The truth is that scientists argue about the hows and whys of evolution but not about whether it exists. However, the average member of boards of education have no idea how the process of scientific investigation works and in too many cases seem to be swayed by the argument that students should hear both concepts and then decide for themselves. One of the opponents to ID in Kansas defined exactly right the job of the adults running the schools.

The job of a science standards committee, he said, is to “take the things that are accepted as mainstream and put them into the school system. It’s not schoolchildren who should be trying to judge whether challenges to science are valid or not.”

Now, where’s my copy of Inherit the Wind?

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  1. Chris C.

    These folks certainly don’t seem to be “products of an intelligent designer”

    (oh, the irony)

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