An Alternative to Org Charts

For those of you not into geek culture, you may not be aware that the trial of the century is now going on in Sweden.

The big content companies are trying to shut down a site called The Pirate Bay (that link is not likely to work at school), which is basically nothing more than a big database that directs users to bit torrent files all over the world.

The court, however, is having a hard time comprehending the people running the site and it’s no wonder with this kind of business process.

The prosecution’s mind is blown by the chaotic, free-wheeling way TPB is run as they try to divine who’s really in charge : “Someone must ultimately decide whether to put up a certain text or graphic.” TPB’s Fredrik Neij replies, “Why? If someone believes a new text is needed, he just inputs it. Or if a graphic is ugly, someone makes a better one. The one who wants to do something just does it.”

Pretty much the opposite of bureaucracy.