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Another Skill Down The Drain

Lifehacker points to an article which offers suggestions for improving your handwriting. The writer doesn’t want to turn me into a "model Palmer-method writer" (whatever that is). He just wants to make me happier with my handwriting.

Sorry. Too late. My handwriting passed into unintelligible a long time ago and there’s really no recovery in sight. The fault, I fear, is not that I can’t learn the skills. I just don’t have the patience for writing anything long hand anymore.

And as long as my trusty Powerbook holds out, I won’t have to.

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  1. NYC Educator

    My students openly ridicule my handwriting. The only defense I have is that one of my colleagues has handwriting equally bad. I don’t know why I turned out this why. My first grade teacher would be apalled.

  2. Mark Scardiglia

    That’s exactly what I’ll do with my precious spare time.

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