It’s not at all unusual for terms from very specialized fields to pass into common usage in the English language. And those working on internet applications over the past decade have been especially busy creating words that get a lot of play in the outside world.

But a new poll taken in Europe found that not everyone is happy about the new lexicon. Survey people asked respondents to name the web-releated words they hated the most.

Topping the list is “folksonomy”, a word I’ve heard of, never used, and really couldn’t define without the help of Google. Second and third are “blogosphere” and “blog”, both of which I’m guilty of over using.

Number 5 is “blook”. Huh?

If I was responding to the survey I’d add “web 2.0”, “hacker”, “virus”, and pretty much any normal word with e or i stuck in front of it.

Possibly “digital native” as well.

Any other suggestions?

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