Unlike most of us, Brian Jones actually went to Education Nation last week, participated in a panel that supposedly addressed the issue of finding good teachers, and tells us what he learned.

The whole column is very much worth your time, but here, in a few sentences, is the rather depressing lesson Brian took away.

Here we have a message honed to perfection… for the wealthy: the unions are the problem; the teachers need to be cheaper; give me money now for a few beautiful schools that can help break the unions and open up the education market; but don’t worry, we don’t want too much; we certainly don’t want what your children have.

That’s what I learned from NBC’s Education Nation Summit. Beware CEOs who say teachers are the problem. And beware CEO solutions. You might find yourself in a room without windows.

And we certainly know how effective those CEOs are at running their own companies.

On the other side of things, some very smart educators who should have been at NBC’s faúx summit instead of the CEOs, participated yesterday afternoon/evening in Elevating the Education Reform Dialog, an excellent discussion of the issues that Education Nation seems to have missed.

The audio archive and chat log (all nearly three hours of it!) is now available.