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Black Friday

Something to think about today when/if you consume what passes for news reporting in the US.

Any media outlet that talks about Black Friday as an actually important phenomenon is either ignorant or working hard to please their advertisers. Retailers offer very little in the way of actual discounts, they expose human panic and greed, and it’s all sort of ridiculous if not soul-robbing.

Today would be a good opportunity to find something far more positive to do than participate in the manufactured madness.


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Holiday Mix 2013


  1. I need to buy some parts to fix a toilet that’s broken in my house. Should I wait until tomorrow so as not to encourage the madness?

    Happy Holidays!


  2. That is a perfect quote to explain what is going on in out country! It is so sad to see a season of giving turned into a mad frenzy to see who can get the best stuff. With each passing year we witness the value of human life go down and the value of material goods go up.

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