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Two men in Hawaii are suing to block the start up of the Large Hadron Collider recently constructed by CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research.

They’re concerned that the physics research complex will create a miniature black hole that will grow to suck in the Earth and everything in the vicinity.

Sure that all sounds like the plot for a made-for-Sci-Fi-Channel movie, but he’s serious. And this is all about very theoretical physics, which means concepts that are pretty hard to prove one way or the other.

But the part of this story that grabbed my attention is that one of the men is an elementary school teacher with a background that’s much more colorful than most teachers I know.

Wagner is, in fact, an expert in many fields. In his first degree at Berkeley he majored in biology and minored in physics. He then attended law school for three years, and later worked in nuclear medicine and health physics before becoming a grade-school teacher. He also founded the World Botanical Gardens in Umauma, Hawaii, and is now embroiled in a bitter legal battle with the Gardens board. According to the Hawaii Tribune-Herald, he and his wife were indicted last month by a grand jury on counts of identity theft and attempted theft relating to an alleged attempt to obtain $340,000 from the gardens company.

Ok, so maybe all that hurts his credibility a little.

However, the real science behind this story is fascinating, if not particularly well established. In addition, CERN is one of those semi-mythical organizations to which is attributed all kinds of scary practices.

In real life, it’s where Tim-Berners Lee created the World Wide Web while in fiction it’s where the bad guys played with anti-matter in Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code prequel, Angels and Demons.

So, what will happen when the scientists working “deep beneath the Franco-Swiss countryside” flip the switch on the LHC?

Well, at least the black hole will swallow Europe first. :-)

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  1. Betty

    I read the article in the paper and must admit it made me worry. Science has never been my thing, so I really don’t understand it. I wonder if the whole project is really worth doing. Like you say, the concepts are pretty hard to prove.

  2. activ8

    Source: CERN

    Somebody which I meet at a park here in Geneva, Switzerland where our 2 labradors love to play together, told me today that it looks like during the experiement the CERN is starting this autumn 3 things could happen:

    1. If all the calculations where right (and it’s the first time we try this) it should give the world a BIG BANG

    2. If somethings goes wrong only one of these things (and not both together) could happen:

    A black hole
    Just, depending on its size, sucks us slowly or faster in and could make us changing time zone in a funny way. But finally all this universe would get sucked in.

    A wormhole
    This means that an unique potential time travel awaiting (please fasten your seatbelt ;-). That actually has a good chance that we will time travel instantly, peacefully and in first class.

    Well, OF COURSE I did not believe this person. But I was intrigued. This web site is just to diplay the views and opinions on this issue.

    I think he has part of this information from the movie ‘The Black Hole’ ;-)

    Now I understand it’s (possibly incomplete list) about a collapse, a wormhole, a strangelet or a black hole

    This blog has been completed in 24 hours. Why? Because only a few days are left until the warming up systems status is implemented at the LHT. A few days that may be the last we have.

    Quote source:

  3. notepad publishing

    Professor Dr. Otto E. Rossler over the dangers of the LHC at the CERN

    Key points:

    * I have several identities. I saw no character scientific. I make everything and am responsible therefore for nothing.

    * ‘A black hole does not have hair’. That is, each object, which falls there, loses all its characteristics.

    * At the CERN a machine is built, with which for the first time in the history of mankind black holes could be produced on Earth.

    * It is however very heavy to attack it. Almost the entire scientific community stands behind it. And as the ‘durchökonomisierte’ science enterprise today, is larger the power of the consent runs than those the reason.

    * The amazing is, no humans believes that that is dangerous.

    * The question, which remains, is, how long it lasts then, until this small black hole grew sufficient strongly, in order to finally up-eat the whole world. That sounds absurd, is however last end very probable.

    * There is no remedy. The thing is hopeless, after 50 months the earth on a centimeter would have shrunk. It would be nothing more there, not only no more life, there but also the earth would be away, only their weight would be – as small black hole.

    Read the full translated article at:


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