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BLC06: Technical Difficulties

The bad news is that the battery in my MacBook Pro looks like it’s coming apart (see the picture) and has a big bulge. That’s probably why, starting yesterday, the machine would only work for a short time before shutting down.

My poor sick Mac battery
The good news is that I spoke to the Apple service people yesterday afternoon and they were great. They took my word for the problem and ordered me a new one immediately.

More good news is that, although they said it would take a few days, the package was actually sent overnight and is now sitting on my doorstep.

Unfortunately, that’s in Virginia and I’m in Boston. So, I’ve been forced to take notes on paper with a pen all day. Horrors of low tech!

Worse, however, is that the blogging is also slowed since I’m down to using the machines in the hotel business center. Windows, no less. :-)

In spite of all that this has been another great day at the conference and we are off in a few minutes to cruise Boston harbor.

There’s always some good with the bad, right?

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  1. Ms Cornelius

    First: Windows? Ay yi yi. Put a to button mouse in my hand and I’m reduced to utter confusion. My mother keeps thinking that because I have my computer on all the time doing stuff that I understand her crappy little Windows box. If we could afford it, I’d get her a Mac, because I think they would be far more stable than her previous computers.

    Second, you battery came APART? That would actually seem dangerous to me. I just got a new MacBook, and it does seem to run a bit hotter than my previous iBook. Maybe it’s my imagination, but I don’t think so.

    Good luck on returning to the blessed world of Mac when you return.

  2. Diana K.

    Tim, cruising the harbor sounds great. Just make sure you don’t take a taxi through the Big Dig tunnels.

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