Blogging Silence

I’d love to blame the recent relative lack of ranting around here on me taking a vacation. However, it’s completely due to an overload of work.

Over the past two weeks I’ve been involved with five day-long training sessions, two evening classes (same night as two of those day-long sessions), an assortment of shorter sessions and meetings, plus a variety of outside-of-work tasks.

Although I’m collaborating with some really terrific people on most of these events, the planning and presentation of so much in a short period of time means something has to go.

Actually, it leads to sleeping and vegging (ie. watching TV) and little else when I get home, with no time or energy for blogging.

Fortunately, with a relatively light week ahead and a slow weekend, things should get back to normal around here very soon.

You have been warned. :-)

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