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Bubbles For The Rest of You

This year, in our overly-large school district, test scores of students who are learning English rose, a big turn around from last year.

What changed?

This year, federal officials allowed the state to assess thousands of English-learning students through portfolios of their work over the school year instead of through the state reading test.

Our superintendent said that the new assessment “more accurately reflects their learning of English and reading skills”.

So, if a portfolio of work done over a period of time is a better way to assess the skills of students in ELL programs, why isn’t that process also superior to bubbling in multiple choice exams for the rest of our kids?


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  1. Amen, Tim. Our ISD is headed toward every student having an electronic portfolio. Maybe we can use it as evidence at some point to prove the state wrong. Nice thing to have to compare a test score of a failing kid with his/her portfolio and let the legislators decide.

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