For six years when I was a kid we lived in Southern California, about a 45-minute drive from Disneyland (the same trip can take two hours now). We visited the park three or four times a year and I got to see the place change as they built new rides and replaced others. I never thought much about the rides that were pulled out and never got sentimental about them being gone, although I did miss the Flying Saucers – great ride in the rain!

But there are some people who REALLY miss some of the classic rides and are doing something to preserve them, virtually speaking. Like the guy who created a digital version of the Adventure Thru Inner Space, the one where you were shrunk so you could enter the atom. He’s even selling a DVD of his work.

Then there’s another guy who’s rebuilding Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride one scene at a time. He’s been working at it for several years now and is about 2% finished. That’s no typo – two percent! At least he has some cool 3D clips to show for it. To be fair, this is a hobby (for the Inner Space guy too) and he’s been learning a lot about graphic modeling and animation as he goes along. I wish I had that kind of patience.