Interesting article in the business section of the Sunday Post about how China is making big investments in infrastructure. Building huge cities in some of the poorest and most remote areas of the country, along with the high speed rail system to connect them.

We got a very small glimpse of this change while riding those trains during a trip earlier this year. Large blocks of high rise apartments and other buildings, seemingly in the middle of nowhere.

All of this is part of the government’s plan to spread their economic success to areas other than the traditional business centers like Shanghai, as well as pushing the overall manufacturing focus beyond producing inexpensive goods for the rest of the world. It is far from certain that such a challenging plan will work.

But one line from the piece really summarizes what is happening in China, and offers a lesson for us here on the other side of the Pacific.

Whether it is Beijing’s ring roads, Shanghai’s subway lines or Lanzhou’s high-rises, China has not built what it needs today, but what it will need tomorrow.

The United States used to build for the future. Instead of wallowing in the arguments of the past.

Whatever happened to that?