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By All Means, Find Nemo!

After work today I treated myself to a late afternoon matinee of Finding Nemo. See it! This is another great movie from Pixar. The animation, of course, is sterling – even better than Monsters, Inc, if that’s possible. But what makes this movie, and all other Pixar productions, incredible is the story, the outstanding sense of humor and the fantastic attention to detail.

One example is the shark named Bruce, which is, of course, the nickname of the shark in Jaws. But on top of that Finding Nemo’s Bruce speaks with an Australian accent reminiscent of the Aussie wine merchant in an Eric Idle routine. This is a movie that you’ll have to watch several times (or buy the DVD, which is what I’ll do) to discover all the visual gags and throw away lines.

Attention to detail in this case also includes a short subject before the movie starts, this time the classic Pixar short Knick, Knack in which a snowman tries to escape from his snow globe prison. You also get a preview of Pixar’s next feature film The Incredibles (coming Fall 2004) which looks like it’s actually going to feature people rather than toys, bugs, monsters or fish. Finally, stick around for the credits! Now if we could just drop all the lousy coming attractions and ads before everything starts… By the way, if you can possibly see Finding Nemo in a digital theater, do it! The combination of Pixar’s beautiful graphics with digital projection is unbeatable.

I need to treat myself this well more often (who better :-).

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  1. Lauren

    I LOVE finding Nemo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Well Written^^^^^!!!!!:)

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