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Camping Trip

Later this afternoon I’ll be heading down the road to Williamsburg to present at an ITRT Summer Camp.

For those outside of Virginia, ITRT is Instructional Technology Resource Teacher, a position mandated by our state legislature two years ago to help teachers learn how to use computers and networks in their classrooms.

Amazingly enough, they also came up with some money to pay for them. Not the full cost, of course, but some is much better than the usual none.

Anyway, I’ll be presenting the Wilderness Trails session (keeping with the summer camp theme) on blogs and wikis four times over the next two days.

In an amazing feat of power, my presentation will compress two multi-hour sessions into one compact hour. I’ll have to talk fast.

However, I’m not sure of what’s being blocked at the camp grounds (aka a high school) so it will be interesting so see which of my examples don’t make it past the filter.

All in all it should be a fun couple of days and a great opportunity for sharing ideas and experience. I’ll probably get the better deal in that exchange.

If you’re interested, my page to accompany the session is here but don’t look for the slide show. I’ll upload that when it’s finished, probably ten minutes before the last time I do it. :-)

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  1. Carolyn Foote

    Good luck!

    By the way, I saw that Patrick Higgins has created some great tutorials on blogging on connectivewriting.

    While mine pale in comparison, I’ve also got some printable “how to get started” handouts for pbwiki and edublogs if you have any use of that. http://www.connectedlibraries.pbwiki.com.
    (check the sidebar.)

    Hope it goes well! I was envisioning you blogging in the woods, but realized it was a high school. ;)

  2. Dave

    It might be too late now, but maybe you could use Windows Media Encoder next time to record some clips of you using the example sites, so that you at least have -something- to show if the filter is overzealous.

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