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Pandemic Grades

Education reporting in The Washington Post is very often tone deaf (see also almost everything from Jay Mathews). It has been especially so during the pandemic.

A recent case in point is an article based on statistics from the overly-large school district with the blaring headline “Failing grades spike in Virginia’s largest school system as online learning gap emerges nationwide”. A similar story a week later declares “Failing grades double and triple — some rising sixfold — amid pandemic learning1, followed today by yet another article about failing grades in another Northern Virginia district.

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Unattractive Magnet

In addition to coping with online schooling in the wake of the pandemic, and trying to figure out what “reopening” might look like, this fall leadership in our overly-large school district also have another Post-headline-generating problem to cope with.

It seems that a graduate of Thomas Jefferson High School for Math and Science, the district’s marquee magnet school, noticed something funny about the composition of the fall class: there were very few Latino students, and statistically no Blacks.

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No Good Answers, But Some Really Stupid Ideas

Panda Lunch

Like many others in the US, the overly-large school district is slowly trying to get students out of their homes and back into the buildings. The process started last month with small groups of kids who in a few special programs.

Now the superintendent has announced plans to step up the pace and, as you can imagine, exactly no one is completely happy. The proposal also includes some really stupid ideas.

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