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Redefining National Security

Tomorrow is the first of the presidential debates for this election cycle. If tradition holds, one of the major topics that will be addressed over all these events is the concept of “national security”. And most, if not all, the questions related to that phrase will center around the military, Russia, terrorism, and other topics that involve ships, bombs, and the other stuff of war.

However, that thinking is far too narrow for the world in which we currently live. We need to expand the definition of “national security”.

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A Thought About Change

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Since the beginning of the pandemic, as the realization sunk in that this was going to be a major disruption to normal life in this country, I’ve been reading articles, essays, and posts about how life will change when we come out the other side. Since many of the people I follow are educators, much of that speculation has been related to schooling in K12 and after graduation.

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Why The Virus Won


So much has been said and written about the pandemic over past eight months that you’re probably sick of the news. However, ignore that feeling and read “How the Pandemic Defeated America” from the September issue of The Atlantic.1

The piece does an excellent job of explaining in detail not only how US leadership “careened between inaction and ineptitude” in their response to the crisis, but also lays out how our fragile, expensive, and inequitable health care system made the failures of 2020 all but inevitable.

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