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Tracking Alien Time Travelers

In the world of science fiction movies and television, it seems as if aliens are constantly dropping in from all parts of the universe. Sometimes they come in peace. More often, the reason for the visit is more sinister.

Then there are all the people for whom jumping back and forth through time seems to be more of a local trip.

Fortunately, there are a couple of fun resources to help keep track of all that traffic.

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I Am Woke (Adjacent)


In this past election cycle, our governor and his friends threw the term “woke” at lots of people. After a while, it started to reminded me of the adults in the Charlie Brown cartoons: wokewokewokewokewokewokewokewokewokewokewokewoke.

The term is pretty much an all-purpose “insult”, to be thrown back anyone who disagrees with them.

Which, I guess, would include me.

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