Photo Post – Seeing Deeper

The Washington National Cathedral is an imposing structure that sits at one of the highest points in DC and has been under construction for more than a century. One evening last week dropped into the cathedral for their annual event called Seeing Deeper during which the interior was painted with a colorful light show.

Below are a few of the photos I made. More are in my Flickr feed and Kathy’s shots are in this gallery. If you’re interested, a few more of my images of the Cathedral, taken at another time and without the lights, are in this gallery.

Space, Light and Sound (1)

Space, Light and Sound (11)

Space, Light and Sound (16)

Space, Light and Sound (8)

Photo Post – New Orleans

Earlier this month, some friends and I did a short trip to New Orleans. Just because it’s an interesting city.

Here are a few of my favorite shots. More are in this gallery and you can see Kathy’s images from the trip in her gallery.

Shattered Tablet

Every New Orleans visitor guide says to visit a cemetery or two. This shattered tablet is from Lafayette Cemetery #1.

Rue Royale

A postcard shot of Rue Royale, one of the main streets through the French Quarter.


This rather creepy clown was in the window of a French Quarter art gallery. Imagine putting that in your house.

The King

One of the many items in Mardi Gras World, the company that builds floats and other structures for the many, many celebrations in New Orleans and other parts of the world.

Photo Post – Photowalking

On the first Saturday of October, photowalks are held all over the world under the umbrella of KelbyOne, a photo training organization. This year I was the co-leader for a walk from the Rosslyn area of Arlington across the Key Bridge and across the Georgetown waterfront.

It was a fun morning and below are a few of my favorite shots from the walk. More are in this gallery and for another perspective, check out the set from my co-leader Kathy. Her image are probably better.

Georgetown Waterfront

The Georgetown waterfront, looking across the Potomac River from the Rosslyn side of the Key Bridge.

Crew 2

Most Saturday mornings in good weather (and sometimes bad), you can watch college and high school crew teams practicing on the Potomac between the Kennedy Center and the Key Bridge.


Looking down at the strangely green water in the C&O Canal in Georgetown. The color and the chair caught my eye.


Detail of a sculpture called Scarlet on the Georgetown waterfront. Looks like a collection of stuff that washed up from the River to me.

Photo Post – Alaska

One of the reasons for the big gap in posting around here this summer was because during the first half of August, we were off cruising the inside passage of the Alaskan panhandle. Although I’m not a fan of large cruise ships (and the time trapped “at sea”), the scenery was spectacular as advertised.

Below are a few of my favorite shots, and more are in this gallery. I have some 360° images still to be posted.

Golden Gate Bridge

We sailed out of San Francisco and under the Golden Gate Bridge, but just barely since this is a huge ship.

Creek Street

Creek Street in Ketchikan. All of the small towns in which we docked had a Disney-esque tourist feel to them. This felt more genuinely historic than the others.

Lake Mendenhall

Most of the back half of the trip was spent under cold, gray skies. That still made for some interesting images, like these very low hanging clouds around the Mendenhall Glacier near Juneau.

Tracy Arm Fiord 7

One of many incredible views as the ship cruised up the Tracy Arm fjord. Huge mountains with long waterfalls, magical clouds, and, not seen in this shot, large chucks of ice in the water.

Coffee Service

I just found it amusing that, while observing some absolutely spectacular natural beauty, passengers could still buy their expensive coffee from that cart in the lower right.