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Photo Post – Pandemic Summer

A few times this summer I cautiously emerged from quarantine to do some longer photowalks. When the Smithsonian National Zoo reopened in August, we spent a morning wandering and taking pictures. Recently we spent some time with the birds, turtles, frogs, and other creatures at Huntley Meadows, a local marshland park with a name out of a dime-novel murder mystery.

Below are a few shots from both trips and more can be found at the other end of the links above. Hopefully more will be coming soon as we figure out what can be done outside of the house, while still avoiding the virus.

Photo Post – The Mill

Last month I broke quarantine for a day to go on a socially-distant, masked, small-group photoshoot in a 19th century woolen mill in southern Pennsylvania. While the building appears to be from the latter part of that century, the equipment in place looks to be more recent, maybe from the 1930’s and 40’s.

Here are a few images from my day and more are in this gallery.

Photo Post – US Institute of Peace

The United States Institute of Peace is one of the many organizations in the city I had heard of but never knew much about. I had certainly seen their headquarters that opened in 2011 since the building is strikingly different from the many imposing, pseudo Greek and Roman-style government structures that dominate the federal section of DC.

Anyway, recently I had the opportunity to take a photowalk through and around the building. On this page are a few of the images I made and more are in this gallery.

Photo Post – Winter Lanterns

For their annual festival celebrating the Lunar New Year, Kennedy Center decorated their new REACH space with a variety of large illuminated lanterns. Last weekend, we took advantage of the unusually mild winter temperatures to visit and make some pictures.

A few of the images are below, with more in this gallery.

Photo Post – Auto Show

I really don’t care about cars, and I find most of the Auto Show rather dull. I mean, how many different variations on an SUV can companies create?

However, the annual event here in DC does provide an opportunity to make some interesting photos. A few of my images from a short visit to the show last week are below (click to see a larger version) and more are in my Flickr feed.

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