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AI Will Be Boring

Lego Robot

One of the holy grails of artificial intelligence has always been development of stand-alone tutoring systems. Bots that will help students learn without any of that pesky human interaction.

However, an IBM scientist who spent years trying to build one using the company’s high-profile Watson AI tool, says “we’ll have flying cars before we will have AI tutors.”

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It’s Not Personal

Following up on the previous rant

If you dig deep into those expensive plans to “fix” schools, almost all have two things in common: a heavy emphasis on the magic of technology, and the promise of “personalized learning”.

Except that latter promise is a whole lot of marketing. And not at all new.

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Deciphering The Privacy Code

In The Kaleidoscope

When I was still working for the overly-large school district, one of things our office did was interpret the terms of service and privacy policies for the ever growing stream of websites and application teachers were bringing into their classrooms. At least we did the best we could.

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Why Math?

Map of Mathematics Poster

No, not why does math exist. That question is actually relatively easy to deal with.

Once upon a time I did a major in the subject. Later I spent nearly two decades teaching math to middle and high school students. Or trying to. Which means I have a pretty good idea of how mathematics developed over the centuries and how it’s used in the real world.

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