Ever since the Great Super Bowl Half-Time Moral Disaster of 2004*, the moral crusaders in this country have been on a rampage to wipe out anything they find the least bit offensive from the public airways. As a result, broadcast television has become even more bland (as if that was possible) with the networks doing their own knee jerk censoring in fear of FCC fines.

So, what’s next? Cable and satellite, of course. Senator Ted Stevens, from that great mainstream state of Alaska, wants to give the FCC the same kind of power over cable that they think they now have on broadcast. But he doesn’t just want to stop with the basic programming you get for the minimum fee. He wants to include HBO, XM radio and other stuff you have to pay a whole lot extra for.

It’s very nice that our big national nanny (aka Congress) wants to protect us from their special definition of indecency – but it won’t work. Beyond the fact that prior censorship of materials people are required to pay for is probably unconstitutional, there’s another issue. Legislating morality never works. You cannot tell people to be moral, you can only lead by example. And, let’s face it, politicians do a crappy job of that.

* I’m not putting her name or the part of her anatomy in here. It just attracts the spammers. :-)